History of Iran export confederation

Iran Export Confederation was constituted in 2006 by the command of the Iran’s Chamber of Commerce incumbent, Mr. Khamoushi and pivotal role of Mr. Mir Mohammad Sadeghi , Mr. Asgaroladi as well as some Iran’s exports associations .
Iran Export Confederation is considered as a first upstream organization to make policy on the chamber of commerce, industries. Mines and agriculture for making cohesion and synergy of exports organizations. The confederation by applying the combination of Knowledge, expertise and experience as well as amenities, capabilities and accumulated capacities found there and also the abilities of its organizations has made an attempt to develop the country’s non-oil exports and fulfill the strategy of exports increase through interaction, convergence, solidarity and cooperation with the legislative and executive organizations, manufacturing, export and service sectors, the media and other related institutes to economic and commercial affairs in other countries since it has been founded. Iran Export Confederation now with the membership of more than 30 export associations and superior exports enterprises in different groups of commodities and services has the role of over 80 percent of non-oil exports.
The commodity groups exports of hand-woven carpet, mineral, textiles and garments, leather, livestock, fisheries and aquaculture, organic products, fruits and vegetables, lead and zinc, human and veterinary drugs, home and office furniture, tubes and profiles, tourism authorities, flour makers, iron ore, tea and technical and engineering services, chocolate exports, information technology and communications (ICT) services are some commodity and service groups exports of Iran Exports Confederation.
It should be said that Iran Export Confederation during its three rounds of activity has tried to improve the business atmosphere and flourishing exports in Iran. Through this way we announce that all the organizations and formations relevant to production and export affairs in national and provincial levels, joint chambers and councils, nationwide chambers, economic ministries and organizations, superior exporters, professors and researchers of academic and scientific centers, economic and business administration students are invited to have cooperation with Iran Export Confederation and also its door is open to all the enthusiastic, thought and pen owners, and activists in industry, trade and exports, so we highly welcome them.
Added point, based on Iran Export Confederation’s favorable performance and also well-planned suggestions in line with the country’s interests, it could act as one of the trustworthy councilors and furthermore it has been invited to all the exports meetings and also by its presence could convey the private sectors’ sound to top authorities and decision makers to bring good interaction with them.

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